Your Virtual Trainer

Use the following descriptions to determine which StrongWomen program is best for you.

Once you decide, read the Essentials of Safe and Effective Strength Training before you begin.

Strong Bones

If you…

1. Are very interested in preventing or treating osteoporosis because

– Are at high risk for osteoporosis

– Already have low bone density or osteoporosis

3. Need up-to-date information on nutrition for optimal bone health

4. Want to start a targeted exercise program to maximize bone density

Stay Slim

If you…

1. Are interested in losing weight in the most effective way possible

2. Are interested in improving overall nutrition for long-term weight

3. Want to start an exercise program that combines aerobic exercise
with strength training for healthy and permanent weight loss

Vibrant Aging

If you…

1. Are 60 years of age or older and have been relatively sedentary
for the past few years

2. Are concerned about progressive muscle weakness and poor balance

3. Interested in starting a safe and highly effective strength training
program to improve muscle strength, body composition and overall

here for Strong Bones Overview
Click here
for Stay Slim Overview
here for Vibrant Aging Overview


Other available fitness programs:

Growing Stronger

Growing Stronger — a strength-training program for older adults developed with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)